Her er min rettelse fil hvor jeg har skrevet om hvad der er blevet programmeret i de forskellige versioner.

	started ap. 1/10-90

	now the havne window runs -pgup, -pgdn but else.

	PgDn and PgUp installed

	files sektion for havne finish with insert, delet, edit record but
	there must be min. 13 records

	50 lines display done
	error detect if edit the first record in window because:
		the firste record is marked and the mark will be moved to the
		next record and make some fuz when unzoom the window. 
		maybe it is not a problem when is more 13 records ??

	Viewer made. error from ver 0.09 made

	Start on editor UARROW DARROW RET CTRL_Y finish

	PgDn PgUp HOME END DEL finish. CTRL_Y corrected
		RARROW and LARROW do not work with DEL? 
		END had an error, if you go from inside a string
		and the end is out of the window, hoz_index is not updatet	

	Start on encoder for text buffer.
		encoder makes textfile out of strings
	editor finish, errors from ver 0.12 corrected
	encoder finish 

	start on decoder for text buffer.
		decoder makes strings out of a textfile
		BS and hoz_index missing
	decoder finish and BS works

	Cleanup in modules
		show_win in show.c had some changes, 30 lines delete

	Start on windows logic
		8/5-91 finish

	Start on Objekt database
		13/5-91 database is runing
		15/5-91 zoom beskrivelse works

	Cleanup and polish in modules
		15/5-91 polish in dykinfo.c makescr.c db_mix.c
		21/5-91 more polish in dykinfo.c makescr.c db_mix.c
					ca. 210 lines removede.

	Start on tempbases.
		25/5-91 tempbases are runing
		End, Home, PgDn and PgUp needs some polish (End don't like end off file)
		if no found records you can zoom windows up with garble.

	Clean errors out and test program
		27/5-91 mono color made
		28/5-91 known errors removed

	Make find_heading
		28/5-91 finsh with find_heading (help from Hans Schou)

	start on seek.
		find first record with keypress (press p to goto polaris)
		29/5-91 find first finish
		31/5-91 error detect:
					show.c makes and error when last line is deletet with
					del in (last line - 1).
		3/6-91	error detect:
					an error in make_temp_file removed
	Seek after location
		3/6-91	seek location logic finish
		5/6-91	seek location finish but need polish in user interface

	Info database start
		5/6-91	Info database finish
		6/6-91	error detect:
					encoder or decoder make some funny stuf when buffer is emty
		10/6-91	removed sb->lastline++; when exit from show_win with edit.
	Help database start
		7/6-91	error in show.c PgDn and END removed
		7/6-91	help database runs

	All texts in text.c please
		7/6-91	ed_havn file help printer test_it is not finish

	database optimze
		11/6-91	running

	line print
		What to print:
			List of bases one line position and name index
			found item with full description
			found item with little description and list of found positions
			seek item with list of found positions
		20/6-91	error with TAB in other menus (edit) TAB come back with
					F9 and begin optimize.
		21/6-91	error with show_cursor when you do it in an emty window
		2/10-91	running
			without print for seek item (filter)

	type in windows
		running 16/10-91
	lokal seek from edit menu
		running 18/10-91

	Seek function with selection and cleanup the setup menu with
	meters/miles selection
	seek radius in zoomed window
	display selection (color/mono/laptop/vga50)
		setup for printer finish
		setup for seek finish 5/11-91
		seek and print finish 6/11-91
		meters/miles finish 8/1-92
		when seek radius == 0 no tempbase is maked like it shut be
		display selection finish 8/1-92
		seek finish with seekoptions 10/1-92

	Cleanup in Edit/Tools menu
	Datafiles name on command line
			XXXX = Name (Full, and user select)
			YYYY = Type (Objk, Info, Havn)
			ZZZ  = DB, IDX
	Do not mess around seek radius when use seek (s›g)
	fuzz with the mouse. driver??
		datafiles names finish 26/1-92
		no more mess with seek radius 11/2-92
		mouse fuzz gone 12/11-92
		database select ok 14/2-92
		seek with fixed distance ok 14/2-92
		Cleanup 14/2-92

	Export in dykinfo and comma format
	Edit window zoom up when edit	(win resize before calling show_win)
		some errors removed 1/3-92
		edit window zoom finish 1/3-92
		only edit window zoom in 25 lines display 3/3-92
		export in dykinfo format with name test???? 4/3-92
		export in dykinfo format finish 5/3-29
		export in ascii format with name text??? 6/3-92

	Decca to position
		7B ok 16/3-92
		finish with chain 7B, 10B, 9B, 0A 23/3-92
		beskivelse can be zoom/unzoomed with mouse button 23/3-92
		wait_windows finish 23/3-92
		major error in export_db removed 24/3-92
		position to decca 25/3-92
		text search	with seek 1/4-92
	Update and print
		name on page when print 1/4-92
		unik names for tempbases 1/4-92
		date on page when print 2/4-92
		import of text files to beskrivelse when edit 5/4-92
		little error in wait_win removed 7/4-92

	Update til MSC 7.00
		error in write rapport removed 10/4-92
		snowtjeck with usertoggel 13/5-92
		MSC ver. 7.00 26/5-92
		wait_win corrected again, for ver. 7.00 26/5-92
		wait_win corrected again, for ver. 7.00 10/6-92
			wn_putc is to slow in a interupt

	Tempfiles in special drive/dir
		ask before print 12/6-92
		removed errors in show.c, get_key.c and edhavn.c 18/6-92
		start on tempdir, do not test on wrong dir. 18/6-92
		finish on tempdir 19/6-92
		some errors in show.c and ed_havn.c removed 24/6-92
		more errors removed in ed_havn. 29/6-92
		wait_win when startup 29/6-92

		Error in seek [F4] removed 20/7-92
		Dyksted now Naturdyk 20/7-92
		Print menu finish 22/7-92
		Decca.c corrected, Red = 0.00 24/7-92
		help show text file made 28/7-92
		mouse in help window 29/7-92
		error in print menu removed 29/7-92
		strupr_dk made for ‘, ›, †	29/7-92
		banner with filename in 29/7-92
		cleanup in printer.c 30/7-92
		check print, now working 30/7-92

	First official version 3/8-92

		Error in print (type only 10 char) removed 5/8-92
		Error in write_havn removed 17/8-92
		Ask before optimize 18/8-92
		Error in findheading removed 19/8-92
		Global INS made 3/9-92

		Little error in clock.c removed 4/9-92
		Now the edit version is "editdyk.exe" 4/9-92
		Little error in clock.c removed again 7/9-92
		Pos and name index in objekt window 7/9-92
		Stop printer with ESC 7/9-92

		Error with Alfa toggel removed 8/9-92
		New format with Posi toggel 8/9-92
		Some errors in print.c removed 8/9-92
		User interface polish in print menu 8/9-92
		Error in find_border removed (remember RADIANS??) 8/9-92

		Error in findprev and findmark (when posiindex) removed 9/9-92
		Index error in edit version removed 21/9-92
		Menu error when leavning tools menu to objekt removed 21/9-92
		Objekt index toggel i user setup 23/9-92

		Error in import text to beskrivelse [F8] removed 28/9-92
		Error with import of ’‘›† removed 5/10-92
		Error in show.c first line (in edit mode)
		Error removed 6/10-92
		Fkeys cleanup when edit 6/10-92
		Date mark in records 8/10-92
		Max seek now 1080 nm 14/10-92
		Stop seek with ESC 14/10-92
		Stop export with ESC 14/10-92
		Seek polish 23/10-92

	Export single record in text
	Export multi record in text from all bases
	Export multi record in dykinfo format from fullobjk base
	Test filenames
	Delete in xxxxobjk (not fullobjk) bases

		Little error in print removed 27/10-92
		Always use fullhavn and fullinfo 28/10-92
		Error in get_afstand removed 28/10-92
		Export menu finish 10/11-92
		dykdok.txt now dykdok.hlp 10/11-92
		Delete in xxxxobjk (not fullobjk) bases 10/11-92
		’ seek error in strup_dk.c and dykinfo.c removed 23/11-92
		Seekerror unsigned/signed error removed 18/12-92
		Decca remeber last position and chain 23/12-92
		Seekerror unsigned/signed error removed (find_border) 24/12-92
		Space in deccapos. (insted of comma) allowed 27/12-92
		Dykdok.hlp now dykhlp.doc 12/1-93
		Import filmenu 13/1-92
		Export of multi and single ascii 13/1-93
		Export from fullobjk 13/1-93

	Error detect: 13/1-92
		Mouse and keys error in tools menu removed 13/1-93
		Import error in first line makes fuss, sometime

	1.10 Offical release 1/3-93

	Export single record in dykinfo format
		Export info and ESC corrected 15/1-93
		Import text corrected 15/1-93
		Error in show.c (decode) corrected 15/1-93
		Error in show.c CTRL_Y corrected 15/1-93
		Error when open new file from export removed 17/1-93
		Error in export one removed 17/1-93
		Export with seek in text 18/1-93
		Error in get_file_name removed 19/1-93
		Editor to textfiles finish 19/1-93

		Edit text with max size 20/1-93				  
		Export error in select info and havn 21/1-93
		Update after export 21/1-93
		Warning when disk is full 21/1-92
		Error in export base removed 22/1-93

		Error when deleting then last record in database removed 23/1-93

		Zoom beskrivelse with enter 25/1-93
		Realloc removed, always MAX_LINES 25/1-93
		Little error in import removed 25/1-93
		Out of mem in editor 25/1-93
		Info and alfa toggle error removed 26/1-93
		"Bj‘rget vrag" instead of "Boplads" 26/1-93
		Error in FIND_RECORD not found removed 27/1-93
		Export decca result to text, [F7] from decca 27/1-93
		Error in pgdn from lastline -1 removed 27/1-93
		Minus ID in editor when master defined 27/1-93
		Print from editor finish 27/1-93

		Warning if not files to edit 27/1-93
		Sort of files in windows 28/1-93
		Start dykinfo from everywhere 29/1-93
		Help menu shows *.hlp file in dykhelp 29/1-93
		Title in help window 29/1-93
		Clean in buttom menu in export, decca and help 29/1-93
		ESC and F10 is the same 29/1-93
		Error in pgdn removed 1/2-93
		ESC and F10 is the same (but not in editor) 1/2-93
		Error in show RET removed 1/2-93
		Some errors in editor and help removed (wrong warning) 1/2-93

		Block in editor all without paste 1/2-93
		Block paste 2/2-93

		_heapmin after decode_buffer and block 8/2-93
		Text clean up 8/2-93
		Cleanup in write_havn and write_objekt 8/2-93
		Little error in move block removed 8/2-93

		Cleanup in menus with 50 lines 8/2-93
		Optimize error in FIND_RECORD (find_next) when go to last page 8/2-93
		Error in export from fullobjk removed 9/2-93
		Warning with t_tast instead of advarsel 9/2-93
		Name error in optimze objekt .db removed 9/2-39
		New file edit 9/2-93
		Filename in edit title 9/2-92
		Get_mouse function for menus 10/2-92

		Fkeys_win function 10/2-93
		Decca range text corrected 10/2-93
		format_meters function in ed_havn.c 10/2-93
		Clean up in modules 10/2-93

		get_mouse returns UARROW and DARROW 10/2-93
		Export from full title error removed 11/2-93
		tjeck_file_names funktion for file names 11/2-93
		Start on find near, working needs cleanup 11/2-93
		Error message when esc from help menu removed 11/2-93
		Flush keyboard buffer in get_file_names 11/2-93
		Type error in find_near removed 12/2-93

		Seek type error removed 17/2-93

	1.10.12 release ???
		Edit version stores 93 in seek code 1/3-93

	1.10 release 1/3-93
		Error in optimzes infobase removed 3/3-93
		Little mess removed in decca.c 11/3-93
		Error in decca removed ?? make test 11/3-93
		Decca stops when outoff range 11/3-93
		find_heading uses azimut 26/4-93
		find_afstand uses distance 26/4-93
		Line print to 78 char 28/4-93
		Print emty reset 28/4-93
		Print return before newpage 29/4-93
		Error in print time out 29/4-93   
		Shift to new compiler (Visual C++ 1.00)

                Error in name F_info (F_Info, text.c) 1/6-93
                Optimze error (del in show.c) 2/6-93
                Headline error when seek 2/6-93   
                Tools in menu removed when seek 2/6-93
                Error in seek items removed 7/6-93   
                Print format objekts lines edit 17/6-93
                Compile without /O1 (make /G2) in noedit version 28/7-93
  	m. and nm moved in objekt window 21/8-93
  	min EL = 00:00.00 21/8-93
  	Dykin386 now Dykin486 21/8-93
  	Optimze without /Oe in show.c (Del) 30/8-93
  	Error when export to FULL removed 30/9-93
  	FULLOBJK.DB in filemenu removed 30/9-93
  	FULLOBJK.DB in vaelgbase 8/10-93 
  	Error in write_havn when afstd = "0" 3/11-93
  	Before and After print code 8/11-93
  	Printreset before print in editprint 8/11-93
  	fopen read only in help.c 31/1-94 
  	Error write_havn, søkort removed 31/1-94 
  	New Compiler MSVC++ 1.5 17/3-94  
  	Finish 24/3-94
  	Error in END removed 13/7-94
  	Error in set drive on start 13/7-94
  	Beep when near end off line in editor 17/10-94 
  	Jump to editor when arrowup in first field 9/11-94  
  	Insert "Ukendt" in first obj. field 20/12-94
  	Fast import of "special.txt" in editor (F9) 20/12-94
  	Librarys recompilet 20/12-94  
  	New compiler MSVC++ 1.51 30/12-94
  	Polish of space_coord 3/1-95
  	Code2 in show.h udate to 95 4/1-95
  	PI constands add in decca.h 9/1-95
  	More optimzing in decca.c, pow() removed 10/1-95
  	New input function to position 11/1-95
  	Bekrætiget corrected to bekræftet 11/1-95
  	Tools menu after søg corrected 12/1-95
  	Optimze error now /Oxaz 13/1-95
  	if k == 0 removed in decca.c 16/1-95 // for testing
  	find_meters removed now uses distance 17/1-95
  	Warning_win turn off wait_win if used 20/1-95
  	min_ti_deg rewrited with sprintf 23/1-95
  	BAD_PTR exit removed in error_win and show 25/1-95
  	min_to_deg corrected with leading 0 27/1-95
  	edit.c corrected when RET in last char aften DEL 27/1-95
  	edit.c corrected when RET in last char aften DEL 30/1-95
  	empty new files from editor removed 30/1-95 
  	FILL and changed removed in show.h 30/1-95
  	Optimzed find_heading and distance (db_mix and find_afs) 31/1-95
  	TAB to 72 col on screen 7/2-95
  	Objekt now Dyk Sted 8/2-95
  	Error in setup diverse removed 8/2-95
  	Setup Diverse optimzed 8/2-95
  	Setup Søgning optimzed 8/2-95
  	ED_HAVN Seek optimzed 8/2-95
  	EXPORT export optimzed 8/2-95
  	get_file_name corrected, error to return name==mask 17/2-95
  	Position in minuttes 19/2-95
  	export base ok 20/2-95
  	havn edit ok 20/2-95
  	objekt edit and seek ok 22/2-95
  	set up ok 22/2-95
  	seek near (export) ok 23/2-95
  	if you forget \ in tempdir, \ automatic will be used 23/2-95 (you will not get diskfull)
  	export og exportbase ok 23/2-95
  	export_one ok 23/2-95
  	export_multi_ascii ok 23/2-95
  	export_ascii ok 23/2-95
  	decca ok minus export to file and to editrecord 23/2-95
  	decca export to text ok 23/2-95
  	print ok? 24/2-95
  	seek from east to west ok 27/2-95
  	min_to_deg ok 28/2-95
  	seek posi seek alfa ok 28/2-95
  	azimut optimzed 28/2-95  
  	little error in strup_dk removed 1/3-95
  	seek from south to north ok ?? 1/3-95
  	Mouse zoom error removed 6/3-95
  	Seeknear from info corrected 6/3-95
  	Export to text ok 6/3-95
  	find near from objekt base removed 6/3-95
  	Export ok 7/3-95
  	Print ok 7/3-95
  	Posi NB/EL now Lati/Long 7/3-95
  	Full????.TXT can be seen in filelist 8/3-95
  	MAX 85 degrees north and south 8/3-95
  	Double call to warning_win in print.c removed 10/3-95
  	stack size set to 4096 (from 5120) 10/3-95
  	Cleanup in text.c and text.h 10/3-95
  1.50.01 10/3-95, beta release 01
  	Round up error in min_to_deg 15/3-95
  	Error in decca lati corrected 15/3-95
  	Menu after export corrected 16/3-95
  	Error in file_name maybe corrected 16/3-95 	;for (i = 0; i <= num_files; i++), "<= was <", in file.c
  	Warning when exit printer setup 16/3-95 
  	Printer warnings corrected? 16/3-95
  	Tjeck for emty line when mouse zoom corrected 17/3-95
  1.50.02 17/3-95
  	Little error in get_mouse call in get_file_names 20/3-95
  	Error in convert removed 20/3-95
  	Print error removed 20/3-95
  	Error? removed in get_file_names 21/3-95
  1.50.03 21/3-95
  	Cleanup in mouse calls (not the mouse error) 24/3-95
  	Mouse calls in asm (mouse.c) 31/3-95
  2.00 beta 1/4-95
  	Cleanup in db_mix.c update 18/4-95
  	Error in azimuth when br1==br2 removed 18/4-95
  	Distance optimzed 19/4-95
  	Decca optimzed for space 19/4-95
  2.00 Release 19/4-95
		Error in export decca to new record 28/4-95
		Error in get_position with big numbers (5000000 degres) 3/5-95
		Error in get_file_names removed 8/5-95
		Error in export_ascii removed 11/5-95
  	Cosmetic text error in export text removed 15/5-95
  	Butik now Dyk Center 18/5-95
  	Check for help_dir 2/6-95
		Dyk Center now DykCenter 8/6-95
		Div. text to Havne cat. 25/6-95
		Corrected "all" strings for seek 28/7-95
		Little seek error removed 31/7-95
		Lon +90 deg error removed in decca 16/8-95   
		Round up error in min_to_deg 16/8-95
		Database merge in edit version 14/2-96
		Seek name in Infobase when POSI_SEEK on corrected 28/2-96
		Camping now Rejse-B. in infobase 28/2-96
		Date of fullobjk.db in banner 11/3-96
		Little error in edit_text removed 13/3-96

  2.01 Release 15/3-96
  	Default blocksize in cbtree.h set to 1024 because of problems with optimzing 3/10-96
  2.02 Release 3/10-96   
  	Field "Alder" removed and called "GPS" to get the GPS position to the screen 24/3-97
  	Variable old now gps 28/3-97
  	Field GPS and TYPE change place 28/3-97 
  	Edit objektrecord OK 29/3-97
  	Export objekttext OK 29/3-97
  	All print funktions OK? 30/3-97
  	NUMBER_OBJK_BYTES in dykinfo.h now 90 (before 104) 30/3-97  
  2.10.01 beta 30/3-97 
  	Text in editversion startup change 
  	Export_one messup corrected 6/5-97
 	2.10 Release 18/5-97 (beta from 27/3-97)
 		Printer error corrected 31/7-97
 		"." is now "," 31/7-97 
 		There are "," in afstand 7/8-97
 		Cleanup in ED_HAVN.C 8/8-97
 	2.11 Release 15/8-97  
 		Y2K problem in init_win corrected 21/8-00